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Toledo – Study Abroad in Spain and Learn Spanish
Toledo is a great alternative to some of Spain’s larger cities for study abroad. The city has a friendly atmosphere, lots of history, and a lively nightlife, and it’s located close enough to Madrid that you could visit the capital city whenever you wanted.

Study Abroad in Toledo, the Former Capital of the Spanish Empire!

The central Spanish city of Toledo is a beautiful and interesting place to attend a foreign language school, and a good alternative to a larger city such as Madrid. Although smaller then Madrid there’s still plenty to see and do here and the city is popular with tourists and language travel students so it has a lively and vibrant feel!

Where is Toledo?

Toledo is located in central Spain and is only about 70 kilometres (43 miles) south of Madrid. With a population of around 79,000 people Toledo is much smaller than Madrid but it makes a good alternative to the larger city, and with Madrid being so close by you can easily visit the current capital of Spain for a day trip or more.

Historic City of Toledo, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Toledo is a great place to study abroad for language travel students who enjoy visiting ancient cities with loads of history! The city has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, but really grew during Roman times. There’s still evidence of the Roman occupation within the city today. More recently Toledo was the capital of the Spanish Empire until the 1500’s when the capital moved to Madrid.

There are some impressive historic sites to visit such as the hilltop Cathedral, and the Alcazar, but the whole of the city is a fun and intriguing place to visit with its old cobbled streets that wind maze-like around the old city.

Experience the Varied Culture When You Study Abroad in Toledo!

Toledo has always been a city tolerant of people with differences and was home to a large Muslim, then Jewish community. Christian, Jewish, and Moorish cultures all lived here happily together. Today, the people of Toledo are still very welcoming and hospitable so language travel students are bound to find many friendly people when studying in a Toledo foreign language school.

A Fun Nightlife in Toledo!

Toledo isn’t full of nightclubs but it does has a few fun and popular places where you can dance the night away. Circulo de Arte, a converted church, is popular for its dance music and there are plenty of other places where you can enjoy a drink and a lively atmosphere with your fellow language travel students.

Try Toledo’s Famous Almond Sweets!

Toledo, and the surrounding region, is famous for producing tasty traditional almond sweets called Mazapan. When you study abroad in Toledo take some of these delicious sweets home for your family and friends to try! In terms of cuisine, restaurants serve a good variety of foods in Toledo. There are some great Italian restaurants with delicious pizza that are especially popular with language travel students!
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