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Sevilla – Study Abroad in Spain and Learn Spanish
Spain’s fourth largest city, Sevilla, has so much to offer language travel students. This popular study abroad destination has a buzzing nightlife, great food, lots to see and enjoy, and is a perfect place to attend a foreign language school!

Study Abroad in Stunning Sevilla!

Known as Seville to the English-speaking world, the beautiful city of Sevilla is a popular language travel destination for many reasons – the food, the nightlife, the architecture, and more all make this a great Spanish foreign language school destination.

Where is Sevilla?

Sevilla (or Seville) is situated in the south of Spain. It’s the capital of Andalusia and is also considered the cultural, artistic and financial capital of Southern Spain. With a population of around 704,000 in the city, and nearly 1.5 million in the metro area, Sevilla is the fourth largest city in Spain.

Sevilla – a City of Museums, Monuments, and Parks

Although quite a large city, Sevilla is still beautiful with numerous parks and gardens including the Alcazar Gardens, and Parque Maria Luisa. There’s also a theme park, la Isla Magica, popular with language travel students for a fun-filled day out! Sevilla is an ancient city, and has been occupied since Roman times.

There are remnants from many different times in the city’s history to be seen – a 15th century cathedral, the watchtower, Torre del Oro, the Alcazar palace, and the Plaza de Espana. There are also numerous museums for language travel students interested in many different things, from bullfighting to archaeology.

Enjoy the Culture and Cuisine When You Study Abroad in Sevilla

When attending a foreign language school in Sevilla you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the vibrant culture of this city. Sevilla is a city of impressive festivals, from the sombre Easter week Semana Santa, to the party-like Feria de Abril, the whole city gets involved.

Great Nightlife in Sevilla

Sevilla has a very lively nightlife with many bars and discos to enjoy. During the summer join many other language travel students at some of the city’s top spots, such as Isla Cartuja where revellers party throughout the night. Make sure you’re back home in time for your foreign language course though!

Fabulous Food in Sevilla

Sevilla is a gastronomic centre with many delicious foods and drinks to try out. As with many cities in Andalusia enjoying tapas in an evening with a drink is really part of the culture and very enjoyable with a group of language travel friends! Seafood is very popular here too, and this comes mainly from the nearby coastal city of Cadiz.
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