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Malaga – Study Abroad in Spain and Learn Spanish
Malaga has long been a popular destination for leisure tourists, but now language travel students are really growing to appreciate this great city too! Learn Spanish in Malaga and enjoy this attractive city, its great nightlife and cuisine, and its nearby beaches.

Beautiful City, Beautiful Beaches When You Study Abroad in Malaga!

Language travel students who want to study Spanish abroad will find that Malaga is a great city in which to do so. Malaga has just the right mix of history, culture, nightlife, weather and beaches to make this a very attractive study abroad destination.

Where is Malaga?

Malaga is situated in Spain in the south east of the country. It’s on the Mediterranean coast, on the popular Costa del Sol. The city has a sizeable permanent population, at around 566,000 though during the summer months thousands of tourists, both leisure and language travel, pour into the city to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Malaga – the Birthplace of Picasso!

Malaga was the birthplace of the famous artist Pablo Picasso and naturally his birthplace and the Picasso Museum are very popular attractions in Malaga. If you’re interested in art there is also the Contemporary Art Centre (Centro de Arte Contemporaneo) to see too.

Music lovers can head to the Interactive Museum of Music, and language travel students who want to see some bullfighting can do so at Malaga’s bullring, Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta. Malaga Cathedral and the Moorish castles of Gibralfaro and Alcazaba are also popular.

Attend a Spanish course in Malaga for A Fun Language Learning Experience!

As well as being a beautiful city, Malaga has friendly people and is a popular destination for language travel students wanting to study abroad in Spain. There’s said to be about 6 million visitors to Malaga over the course of a year, who come for the weather and great cuisine as well as the attractions and scenery, and of course there are many great beaches in easy reach of the city.

Eat the Wonderful Andalucian Cuisine in Malaga!

Malaga is in the Andalucia region of Spain where language travel students can enjoy some great cuisine. One of the local specialities is jamon – aged, smoked ham; seafood is also very good, and specialties include sardines on skewers, and deep fried fish. If these don’t take your fancy, language travel students can also enjoy international cuisine and fast food restaurants here too!

Malaga has a Great Nightlife!

It seems that Malaga never sleeps, especially from Thursday to Sunday when it appears the whole city has come out to party! Enjoy a night out with your friends from your foreign language school, and mingle with the friendly locals. Music clubs specialise in everything here from Latin music to hip-hop, and everything in between!



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