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Study Abroad in Panama for a Spanish Immersion
With its Central American location, Panama offers a lively study abroad experience for language travel students wanting to study Spanish. The colonial history, beautiful scenery, two coastlines and plenty of beaches are just a few reasons why Panama appeals.

Study Abroad in Panama and Have a Great Time!

The very mention of Panama evokes images of fantastic colonial architecture, beautiful beaches and scenery, and friendly people who love to party! Language travel students who want to study abroad in a lively location will find that Panama hits the mark.

Where is Panama?

Panama is a country in Central America and is the last country on the isthmus which connects Central America to South America, hence it borders with Colombia and Costa Rica. Because of its location Panama is quite a narrow country but benefits from a coastline on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The population of the country is really quite low at around 3.3 million people.

The Panama Canal, Panama City, Highlands and Lowlands!

One thing that Panama is famous for around the world is the Panama Canal. This is probably the most important shipping lane in the world as ships travelling from the east don’t have to go all the way south around Cape Horn, but cut through Panama. As this is so important language travel students should at least have a look at the Panama Canal!

The country’s capital and largest city is Panama City. Old meets new here and there’s some great old architecture to see, plus really modern parts of the city too. Other major cities include Colon and David, but up in the mountains you’ll find some gorgeous little villages where there’s a different pace of life.

Dance the Night Away When You Study Abroad in Panama!

The friendly people of Panama love dancing and fiestas, so language travel students who enjoy a lively nightlife will find Panama is a perfect choice! Spanish is the official language here, but many people also speak English too. Panama uses both the US Dollar and the Balboa for its currency, both of which are inter changeable.

Festivals in Panama

Panamanians don’t really need an excuse to have a good time, but if you choose to study in a foreign language school during Carnaval the streets really come alive. This is Panama’s main national celebration, held in the 40 days up to the Christian Holy Week.

Panama Has a Tropical Climate!

Choose a foreign language course in Panama and you’ll enjoy a tropical climate where the temperature and humidity remains pretty high throughout the year. The Pacific side of the country is a little cooler than the Caribbean side, though the Caribbean side gets more rain!


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