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Study Abroad in Cuba for a Spanish Immersion
With its beautiful Caribbean location, Cuba makes a fantastic alternative for a Spanish study abroad program, featuring great beaches, vibrant cities, lively nightlife, lots of culture, and great scenery.

Study Abroad on the Caribbean Island of Cuba!

Imagine attending a foreign language school in the Caribbean; being able to enjoy great weather, beaches, nightlife, culture, and more right on your doorstep! When you study abroad in Cuba you can experience all this and more on the beautiful Caribbean island of Cuba!

Where is Cuba?

Cuba is in the northern Caribbean just south of Florida. The country consists of the main island, called Cuba, surrounded by four main groups, or archipelagos, of islands. Cuba is the 17th largest island in the world and has a growing population of around 11.5 million people. Although part of the Caribbean, Cuba has its own distinct culture which language travel students enjoy getting to know.

Vibrant Havana, World Heritage Sites, Fabulous Beaches and more in Cuba!

Cuba certainly has a lot to see; so much so that language travel students are unlikely to get bored here! The capital and largest city is Havana, a cosmopolitan destination where the nightlife is legendary and there are many interesting sites to see. The second largest city is Santiago de Cuba. This is also a coastal city and has more Caribbean influences than Havana does, making this a fun and interesting place to study a foreign language course.

There are beaches all over Cuba including the 20 kilometre (12.5 miles) long Varadero Beach. Then there is the town of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a lively colonial centre. Outside of the cities, Cuba has many national parks with great scenery to explore and enjoy.

Live the Lively Culture When You Study Abroad in Cuba!

Cuba is well known for being a very lively destination and there’s always something to do here. Music is a very important part of Cuban culture, and mixes Latin America with Africa. Of course, with music goes dancing, and language travel students can dance the night away in Cuba!

Interesting Cuisine of Cuba

Traditional Cuban cuisine mixes Spanish with Caribbean and generally what people would eat nowadays in Cuba consists of a number of dishes all served at the same time including things like rice, shredded beef, plantains, black beans, and more, with some lovely tropical fruits. Both vegetarian and meat eating language travel students should find a good selection of foods to eat in Cuba!

Tropical Climate in Cuba

When you study abroad in Cuba you’ll enjoy a tropical climate with warm to hot temperatures all year round. January’s average temperature is a pleasant 21C (70F) and July’s is 27C (81F).



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