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Almunecar – Study Abroad in Spain and Learn Spanish
Situated on the Costa Tropical, the friendly town of Almunecar is one of the latest Spanish coastal towns to grow in popularity with both language travel students and tourists. The sandy beaches, great weather, popular tapas bars, and other interesting attractions are just a few reasons why!

Study Abroad in Almunecar on the Costa Tropical!

The coastal town of Almunecar is one of the most popular destinations in the province of Granada and is situated on a lovely part of the Southern Spain coast, called Costa Tropical. A big highlight for many of the language travel students who choose to attend a foreign language school in Almunecar is the beach and the relaxed pace of life, but the town has a good many other attractions too.

Where is Almunecar?

Almunecar is on the Southern coast of Spain in the province of Granada, in Andalusia. This coastal town has really grown in popularity over recent years and although part of the Costa del Sol, the area of coast immediately surrounding Almunecar has now earned the name of the Costa Tropical! The population is les than 30,000 but this is growing all the time, and being such a popular language travel and tourist destination there are always plenty more people here than the 30,000 residents!

Sandy Beaches, Promenades, Ancient Ruins and more in Almunecar!

The sandy beaches and sub tropical climate are by far the most popular features of study abroad holidays in Almunecar. After a morning of learning Spanish at your foreign language school take to the beach and try out your new conversational skills on passers-by! When you’ve worked on your sun tan enjoy many of the other attractions that Almunecar has – there are Roman ruins, a castle, a Roman aqueduct, museums and more to experience here.

Have Fun in the Sun When you Study Abroad in Almunecar!

Almunecar was once a small sleepy fishing village, but since it has been discovered by language travel students and tourists alike this town has become a vibrant place to spend some time.

Abundant Outdoor Activities

Almunecar is a great destination for a foreign language course if you enjoy outdoor activities. From the beaches you can also enjoy swimming plus plenty of water sports. Away fro the beach there are the surrounding hills to explore, whether on mountain bike, by foot or on horse back, or try some paragliding!

Tapas Bars and Lively Nights in Almunecar!

Like many other Spanish towns, Almunecar’s tapas bars are always very popular, and a fun and lively place to spend an evening with your new language travel friends! During the summer in particular the tapas bars and great restaurants are usually packed with students and tourists having a great time!
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