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Study Abroad in Russia for a Russian Immersion
Russia is a huge country with fantastic cities and great scenery, friendly people and interesting food, making this the perfect place to study Russian abroad!

Study Abroad in Russia for Fabulous Cities and Amazing Scenery!

Russia is the world’s largest country and has much to offer language travel students. Best known for its beautiful cities with fantastic architecture, this huge country also has some great scenery and miles upon miles of wilderness to explore!

Where is Russia?

Russia is a transcontinental country, spanning across both Europe and Asia, reaching almost as far east as Alaska. This is the largest country in the world, crossing 11 different time zones and is nearly twice as large as the world’s second largest country, Canada. When you’re on a study abroad program in Russia you will likely only get to see a very small amount of this huge country! The population, by the way, is the 9th highest in the world with about 142 million people.

The Tourist Attractions of Russia

Russia’s capital city, Moscow, is one of its most popular destinations for both tourists and language travel students as there are a number of foreign language schools in Moscow where you can study Russian. Its best attractions include the amazing Red Square and Lenin Mausoleum, St. Basil Cathedral and the Kremlin. St. Petersburg is also a very popular and beautiful city and contains one of the world’s best museums, the Hermitage.

Other cities in Russia include Vladivostok, Volgograd and the Siberian city of Irkutsk. Apart from the cities Russia has the world’s deepest lake, Lake Baikal as well as the Trans-Siberian Railway and vast areas of forest too.

A Great Cultural Experience Awaits You If You Study Abroad in Russia!

Russia is a culturally rich country with people who are very friendly once they have got to know you! Some formalities in Russia may be different to what you expect, for example, women are treated with great respect so this may come as a shock to some female foreign language students!

Russians generally do not smile at strangers, so don’t take offence if somebody does not smile back at you. Russian is the official language though there are also 27 other official languages across the country. In Russia you will use the Ruble for currency.

Russian Cuisine

When you study abroad in Russia you’re in for a treat with the Russian cuisine as there is quite an interesting mix of food on offer here! Soups and stews are very popular and often heavily rely on use of game meat, fish and poultry, though if you’re vegetarian don’t worry as there are lots of vegetable dishes in Russia too.

The Weather in Russia

Russia isn’t known for great weather! In fact much of the north of the country (where you’re unlikely to go as a language travel student!) is very bleak and cold because it’s in the Arctic. But the rest of the country isn’t so bad with a humid continental climate which is warm in the summer (July) and quite cool in the winter. The coldest month is January.

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