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Study Abroad in Brazil for a Portuguese Immersion
Brazil is a large, diverse, and beautiful country to study abroad in. If you want to study Portuguese and are looking for an alternative to Portugal, Brazil could be the ideal choice for you. Enjoy cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and many more!

Study Abroad in Brazil for an Unforgettable Experience!

Once you’ve spent some time in Brazil you’ll realise what an unforgettable country this is and a fabulous place to attend a foreign language school! From the vibrant cities, to the beautiful beaches, the rainforests and the spectacular scenery, Brazil has so much to offer language travel students.

Where is Brazil?

Brazil is situated in South America. It is the largest country on the continent and the fifth largest country in the world. Brazil is also the fifth most populated country in the world with around 191 million inhabitants, so as a language travel student you’ll never get lonely in Brazil!

Great Cities, Great Beaches, Great Scenery and More!

Brazil is probably best known for its cities and the most famous of these is Rio de Janeiro. This bustling coastal city is one of the country’s top tourist destinations and is also very popular with students coming for foreign language courses. There’s so much to see and do in Rio alone, such as enjoying the beaches, like the famous Copacabana, visiting the Christ the Redeemer Statue, going up the Sugarloaf Mountains.

Brazil has many more cities as well though; places like the historic city of Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Recife. When not enjoying those vibrant cities and the lovely beaches, try to take time out from your foreign language school to see some of the rest of Brazil. In the south are the beautiful Iguacu Falls for example, or why not experience the trip of a lifetime and spend time in the Amazon?!

Enjoy a Carnival Atmosphere When You Study Abroad in Brazil!

Being a former Portuguese colony the Portuguese influence is still very apparent in Brazil; there’s the language for one thing! But Brazil has also attracted immigrants from around the world too and you’ll find there are large populations of Japanese, German, and Italian descent here so as a language travel student you’ll never feel out of place in Brazil!

The Famous Carnivals!

For many people when they think of Brazil they think of Carnivals! Carnivals are an important part of the culture in Brazil and are celebrated across the country. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the most famous but if you’re not attending a foreign language school here don’t worry as the city you’re in will no doubt have one too!

Great Weather in Brazil!

With all those wonderful beaches to enjoy you’ll want some great weather too, and Brazil does not disappoint! Being such a large country the climate does vary from one end to the other, but in Rio de Janeiro for example, language travel students can enjoy warm weather throughout the year with average highs that vary between 24C and 29C – great for sunbathing!



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