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Frankfurt – Study abroad in Germany and learn German
Germany’s fifth largest city is a great choice as a student travel destination. Frankfurt has so much to offer and can guarantee language travel students a lively and fun time with opportunities to enjoy both modern and historical attractions, unique cuisine, popular festivals, and a skyline reminiscent of Manhattan!

Study Abroad in Frankfurt, a City of Contrasts

If you like variety in your life then choose a foreign language school in Frankfurt as this really is a city of contrasts! The mix of old and new is the most obvious contrast here so when you study abroad in Frankfurt you can enjoy the history, but have fun in the modern city too where there are lively nightclubs, bars and shopping.

Where is Frankfurt?

Officially Frankfurt is called Frankfurt am Main in recognition of the fact that the city sits on the River Main, but it’s more commonly known by its abbreviated name. Frankfurt is in the German state of Hesse, in the centre of the country. It’s the largest city in that state, and the fifth largest city in Germany as a whole, with a population of around 650,000.

Beautiful Old Architecture, Museums, Parks and Skyscrapers in Frankfurt!

Frankfurt has something for all tastes, so it’s a city that will appeal to many different language travel students. There’s the beautiful old architecture in Romerberg where there’s a central square and a great café culture to enjoy. There are many lovely parks such as the popular Grueneburgpark, and numerous museums that are mainly found within the Museumsufer area. There’s also the modern city where the skyline looks more like a North American city than one in Germany, but you can make the most of these tall buildings and visit the Main Tower and its observation deck from which you get some great city views.

Eat, Drink and be Merry When You Study Abroad in Frankfurt!

While attending your foreign language school make sure you take in some of the more cultural side of Frankfurt and spend a night at the opera. The Oper Frankfurt is state subsidised so tickets are always affordable. There are lots of festivals held throughout the year in Frankfurt too, including the Museumsuferfest, and the Dippemess.

Nightlife in Frankfurt

The opera isn’t for everyone, but don’t worry, language travel students will find plenty more nightlife here in Frankfurt! There are numerous bars in the city, and if you like nightclubs you’re in luck as Frankfurt is home to many, playing all sorts of different music.

Try out Frankfurt’s Local Specialties!

When you study abroad in Frankfurt you’ll find that there are many different places to eat and different types of cuisine on offer, but you should at least try some of the local specialties. There are frankfurters for a start, which come in several different varieties, plus there’s the really tasty pastries called Bethmannchen that are made with marzipan and popular around Christmas.

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