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Berlin - Study Abroad in Germany and Learn German
Lively, historic, cultural and fun are phrases which come to mind when thinking about Berlin as a language travel destination. The capital of Germany certainly makes a great choice to consider for a German foreign language course!

Study Abroad in Berlin for a Lively and Fun Experience!

Berlin was previously best known for the Berlin Wall and the division between East and West Germany, but since 1990 the city and the country has been reunified. Now Berlin is best known as a large and lively capital city which has really grown in popularity over recent years, with Germans, tourists and language travel students.

Where is Berlin?

Berlin is the largest city, and the capital of Germany in Western Europe. The city is situated in the north east of the country and has a population of around 3.4 million people. Berlin is divided into 12 boroughs, each with their own personality, and many have interesting things to see and do and places to visit which are bound to keep language immersion students busy!

Berlin – The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the TV Tower

The attractions mentioned above are just three of the things you can visit in Berlin and each one is a great example of the huge variety you’ll find in this city! The Brandenburg Gate is the best known landmark in Berlin and was the former gate to the city which was built between 1788 and 1791.

From historic architecture to modern architecture, the Reichstag Building contains both! The seat of German parliament is a great old building which has been restored and had a modern dome added to the top which is open to the public. Then there’s the TV Tower with visitor platform and rotating restaurant – a great place to go to celebrate with your new friends at the start of your foreign language course!

Have Fun in the Cafés & Nightclubs When You Study Abroad in Berlin!

Since 1990 Berlin has been growing into a hugely popular city and has attracted a lot of young Germans to the capital, this has given Berlin a young and cosmopolitan feel where people aim to enjoy themselves when not working or studying hard in a foreign language school!

Café Culture & Nightlife in Berlin

As with many other European cities, Berlin has an increasing café culture which many language travel students love! Sitting and sipping coffee al fresco has become a popular pastime for the daytime, whilst by night Berliners love to party by enjoying the numerous lively nightclubs, bars and restaurants on offer.

Variety of Cuisines in Berlin

Berlin has quite a variety of cuisines on offer. One of the most popular foods is the currywurst which is basically a sausage covered in ketchup and curry powder! If this doesn’t appeal you’ll also find many Turkish restaurants in Berlin, owing to large number of Turkish immigrants here, plus Middle Eastern foods and a range of European style foods too. The great thing is that eating out in Berlin is really quite reasonable so great if you’re a language travel student on a budget!


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