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We believe that you cannot fully understand the Japanese language without also understanding Japanese culture. Therefore, lessons focus not just on what to say, but on when, how and why to say it.

We adapt our lessons to the needs of each student, while keeping them practical and interesting, to give you the skills and confidence for success. A full schedule of events and activities, both at school and outside it, lets you master what you learn in class.

Our experienced and friendly teachers and staff provide individual attention and care. And our great locations in the center of both Fukuoka and Tokyo allow you to experience Japan the way you want it. These are the reasons so many people study with us again and again, and why we were voted for the last four years running as one of the world’s top language schools!

What sets GenkiJACS apart from other Japanese schools?

Small class size: A maximum of 8 students (9 in summer) gives you lots of chances to practice with the teacher.

Exciting courses: Study Japanese using manga/anime, or learn ancient arts such as tea ceremony and pottery - we have a variety of courses you won’t find at other schools

Flexible schedules: Unlike most Japanese schools, courses start almost every Monday year-round, and you can study for as long as you want, from 2 weeks to a year or more!

Great teachers: They’re the most important part of any school. That’s why we hire the best, and perform regular training. Students agree: you won’t find better

All ability levels accepted: Whether you are a complete beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, we have a class for you!

Proven quality: Multiple accreditations and awards, including being selected as one of the top language schools in the world, are a guarantee of a great education! And now you can receive university credit!

Our Team

All of our teachers are graduates of a rigorous 420-hour Japanese teacher training course, the standard qualification for professional Japanese language school teachers. It is equivalent to a university minor, and the result is a very high standard of teaching. Most teachers are bilingual, speaking English as well as Japanese.

You’ll spend more time with the teachers than almost anyone else you meet in Japan, so we only hire the best!


    Courses + Activities
    General & Intensive


    Private Apartments


We have had students from a total of 78 countries. Since we focus mostly on the needs of students from Western countries, they make up the biggest portion of our student body. Most students are complete or low beginners when they start with us, but we accept up to high intermediate levels.

  • 18 MINIMUM


Comfortable, welcoming classrooms

A large lounge for students to relax, with PCs, games, TV, drinks and more!

A study and theater room, with giant screen

PCs with broadband Internet access

free wireless Internet access

textbooks, mangas and a library of other reading material

game console with large selection of games

TV, DVD player, and large library of DVDs for free rental

portable DVD and CD players for independent study

big-screen video projector

free coffee, tea and Japanese tea


City tour: Once a week new students are taken on a free tour around the city.

Free conversation/kanji classes with volunteer Japanese university students

Language Exchange Partner Program: make friends with Japanese students and young working adults.

Movie/game night: Once a week, students gather at school to watch a Japanese movie, or learn traditional Japanese games such as “hanafuda” from Japanese people.

Visa Information
Students from countries without visa waiver agreements with Japan need to apply for a tourist visa.

We can send you all the supporting documents your embassy may ask for when applying for the tourist visa.

How to get there

Tokyo stands on the world fashion scene as a truly international city. It off ers the best of modern Japanese culture, cutting edge entertainment, and a range of things to do that is unparalleled. Tokyo’s top attractions include Tokyo Sky Tree, one of the world’s tallest buildings; Akihabara, Japan’s electronics mecca; Harajuku, the fashion epicenter; and of course Shinjuku, the home of fun.

GenkiJACS’ Tokyo branch is just minutes on foot from Shinjuku Station, Tokyo’s central train station, in the heart of the city’s entertainment district. We can’t think of a more convenient location for a Japanese school, surrounded by hundreds of restaurants, karaoke boxes, bars, game centers and more.

Despite that, you study in a perfectly calm and serene environment, as the school is in the grounds of the famous Hanazono Shrine. Every morning you’ll pass through the shrine’s massive red torii gates to get to school. Classroom windows overlook the central shrine itself, and you can take lunch on the shrine steps.

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5 Chome-17-6 Shinjuku

160-0022, Tokyo

Shinjuku, Japan

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

T: +81 (0) 3 6457 3554





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Most Helpful Reviews

  • by Meera A.
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    Great School for Beginners
    I spent 3 weeks at GenkiJACS in Tokyo in a beginners' class. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to get a start in the language. We had small class sizes, which allowed us to have sufficient attention from the teachers. The teachers were excellent. They made a point of only speaking in Japanese as far as possible, which I thought would make it difficult to follow, but they were sufficiently skilled that they were able to convey rules of grammar in Japanese, and be understood by the class. We had classes for a few hours a day, and would have homework everyday to test what we understood from the day's lessons. This meant you would have time to explore the city as well each day. I liked that they also focused on conversation, not just grammar. All in all, I have no regrets choosing GenkiJACS, and hope to come back for more classes in the future.
    Saturday, 29 April 2017
  • by Sato Nilsson M.
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    Fun and academically rewarding
    I studied at the Tokyo campus from February to May this year, 15 weeks in total. I was a complete beginner when I came but felt that I learned quickly, probably mostly thanks to competent teachers and small classes. The first weeks we were only four students in my class. However, winter seemed to be "low season" and after those first weeks we were usually seven, which is still not bad of course but definitely made a difference. The classes on the lowest levels usually had more students than the higher ones. With seven students the small classrooms feel quite full. But no matter what time of the year you come, both class sized and teaching seems to be a lot better than at other language schools. This one might be a little more expensive but it will be worth it. I also think the pace is higher compared to many other schools, but sometimes I still felt that we spent a lot of time repeating . In the end I am happy about that though, since I would probably have forgotten a lot by this time if we hadn't. Also, the additional classes you can take (like conversation and kanji) are quite unique and good if you want to "fill your time" with more than the standard classes plus homework. Kanji and conversation classes (especially conversation I think) are both useful and affordable. Another thing I liked about the school is that you don't have to choose between morning or afternoon classes (like in many other schools). Your schedule looks different from week to week but I liked it. Some days I could sleep out and come to school around lunch, other days I started 9:30 and had the whole afternoon off instead - perfect when you want to explore the city. The school's location in Shinjuku is, btw, a very good starting point for exploring Tokyo. Finally, not only did I improve my Japanese, I also had a lot of fun and made many new friends. The staff and teachers are all nice and helpful and there's a good mix with students of different ages and nationalities.
    Tuesday, 04 October 2016
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    by Fountoukakos K.
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    Fun and great results at Genki JACS!
    I studied at Genki JACS Tokyo for 7 weeks from February to end March 2016. I started as a complete beginner with just a few Japanese words I had picked up on previous trips to Japan. The school uses the Genki book for beginners and it is a requirement to be able to read and write Hiragana before you arrive. On Day 1 we were given a test to test knowledge of Hiragana. Classes are excellent. Small size (up to 8 people max). The teachers are simply fantastic. Knowledgeable, fun and caring. I achieved excellent results in just 7 weeks being able to read and write both Hiragana and Katakana (and a bit of kanji) and to hold basic conversations. The reception staff are also super friendly and efficient. A very likeable bunch. Location is simply fantastic. Close to Shinjuku Sanchome station with shops, restaurants, Starbucks etc all within a 5-10 min walk from the school. The school was also a lot of fun! The atmosphere is great with a friendly crowd mainly composed of European students from various countries in Europe. Most students were in their 20s with a few in their 30s and even fewer in their 40s (yes I am in that bracket...). We formed a close knit group of friends and it was just great to hang out, go for lunch together, karaoke, dinners etc etc. I also opted for the culture programme doing a combination of traditional and pop culture. This was interesting but perhaps less well designed. The activities could be better. The school also offers some other social activities like movie night, or dinner every Friday at nearby locations. Every Friday there is a graduation ceremony. I felt a real sense of achievement delivering a mini speech in Japanese on my graduation day. And I felt that I had genuinely enjoyed the course and made new friends for life. I hope to be back to study again at Genki JACS!
    Sunday, 26 June 2016
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    by Voight M.
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    Month-long study
    I studied at GenkiJACS for one month. I had previously studied Japanese in college, but had taken a couple of years off. Upon arriving at school, they administered a placement test. The classes were based off of skill and ranged from 2-6 people. The teachers rotated among the classes, which provided a variety of teaching styles and dialects (which helped improve my listening skills). The students were also awesome as there was so much cultural diversity! I learned so much in just one month. I highly recommend GenkiJACS to someone who is serious about learning Japanese - there is class everyday and oftentimes, there is homework, so you do have to take it seriously to improve!
    Thursday, 31 March 2016
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    by Langer J.
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    the best time
    I vistied the GENKIjacs for three weeks, which was just for a little start to see how it works, since i already tried to lean Japanese a few times and never succeed. This school was the best ever - with small classes (max 8 students) super-motivated and charming teacher you will not only be forced to use the language, rather then you WANT to. Especially the classes focus on speaking, rather than writing which is really good - i am more the type of learning via reading - and in that case the book is a perfect add-on. The book is really well structured and logical - compering to what i already was reading. So whatever type of language learner you are - you will find your way. The school itself also is a great support. Either the lovely staff but also the students, since all students are mostly over 20 i felt really comfy in this school and meet some really good new friends. I'm really looking forward to come back for a hopefully longer stay.
    Wednesday, 16 March 2016
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    by Lep J.
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    I attended GENKIJACS Tokyo for only 2 weeks (I wish I could have stayed longer) and I loved it so much. It has terrific teachers, classes, location, and activities. In such a short amount of time my Japanese Language skills improved a lot, I made some great friends, and I got to see a lot of Tokyo. First of all, the school location is brilliant! Not only is the school situated in the exciting suburb Shinjuku, but it is also right next door to a shrine, and only a 5 minute walk from Shinjuku Station. There are many great sights and attractions within Shinjuku and its neighbouring suburbs, and its also very convenient to get to other great places in Tokyo from Shinjuku Station. This makes it exciting to come to school and easy to explore Tokyo. Also of high quality was the education provided at GENKIJACS. I did the standard course which is where you do 4 hours of class each weekday, working on all 4 language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading. The teachers are all very nice, friendly, fun and patient. Generally English is not spoken in class (maybe a little) and the teachers teach in Japanese. But don’t be daunted! They do it in a way that you will understand! I think this is one of the most important things that contributed to my improvement in Japanese. For one thing, being taught in Japanese rather than in English with English-Japanese translations, I was able to understand the real meaning and natural use of the Japanese words, phrases and grammar points. In addition, even though it was very difficult to only be speaking in Japanese, it was great practice for forming and producing your own sentences. The teachers always made conversations in class with us which was much more beneficial than doing the drill conversations which are scripted in the textbook. The classes are of small size which gives you the opportunity to talk more in Japanese and to easily ask any questions. Since I went in a quiet period (around Christmas time) there were only 3 students in my class including myself. Then classes finish at about 1pm (unless you do additional culture or conversation classes) so I was able to use my afternoons to do the touristy things. The school also provides after-class activities which are fun and provide cultural experiences. I went to the Year End party which was an amazing shabu shabu buffet dinner. Another activity I got to join in with was a trip to Yomiurirand (a theme park entirely covered in winter illuminations). These activities also provide a good opportunity to hang out with your classmates and to make friends with other students. Another thing which I had a terrific experience with was the accommodation I got. I stayed in a guest house where a few other GNEKIJACS students also stayed. I stayed at Grand Jete Fuchu which has great facilities and a good bedroom. I made some really good friends there and we got to travel to school together and then hang out at night time together. There were also some Japanese people living there who were very kind and like talking to us in Japanese which was fun. Overall, my GENKIJACS experience was fantastic and I’m saving up to go again next year! I definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys studying Japanese language and culture.
    Friday, 22 January 2016
  • by Elizalde B.
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    Great experience!
    I studied Japanese at GENKIJACS Tokyo for 4 weeks and the short version of the review is that it was a great experience and I do highly recommend it. There is another school location at Fukuoka for people that either are in the advance level or prefer quite cities. The Tokyo school in Shinjiku is in the heart of arguably the busiest train station in the world. The are is amazing with so many things to see, do, eat and buy. The school itself is certainly on the small size, but in Tokyo you can’t expect larger proportions. The students are a mix from different ages and countries; in my stay half of them were germans/swiss-germans and australians, everyone was easy going, mainly because we all shared the same interest in Japan. The teachers and staff definitely make the difference at different levels, they are technically great teachers, they are very easy to get along with, and they will go above and beyond to help you with your needs during your stay in Japan. The classes are well structured and that allows having different teachers during the week. They expect you to be responsible and do homework, but they will also understand every now and then if you were enjoying too much the city ;). In my classroom experience, as an advance beginner, we were 3 to 6 classmates, and that was already enough to be crowded, I don’t think they keep it larger than that, except fro beginners. I wouldn’t recommend having the Plus Conversation class if there are going to be more than 4 students, in one hour you won’t be speaking more Japanese than you do if you go out and talk to locals, who will be more than happy to talk to foreigners. I didn’t take the extra cultural courses but people who did like them, one can also pick and choose once you are there. They organize nice school events, dinners, karaoke, movie nights, wii games, etc, you’ll get to interact with the rest of the people. One tip before your arrival, is to study what you already now and prepare for the placement test. I met different people, included me, that due to the lack of study previous to the arrival, jet lag, etc, who got downgraded to a lower level. It’s absolutely reasonable for the teachers to say that if one got it wrong, perhaps one should study it again, however you’ll feel that you are making more out of your money and time if you prepare in advance and get into a level that fits you better. All in all, the experience was great, and it was mainly because of the teachers and staff, the friends I met at the class, and the location of the school.
    Tuesday, 20 January 2015


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