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New York - Study Abroad in the USA and Learn English
New York has everything to make this a great place to learn english including culture, history, great people, amazing things to see and do and never a chance to get bored!

Study Abroad in New York, the City That Never Sleeps!

New York. Excitement, world-famous buildings, culture, entertainment, millions of people and never a dull moment! New York is famous for so many things and is the ultimate study abroad destination where you’ll never run out of things to see and do!

Where is New York?

New York City is situated in the state of the same name and is on the north eastern coast of the United States. New York City is often thought of as just the island of Manhattan though actually it’s even bigger than this as it includes the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island too. New York is the biggest city in the whole of the US and one of the largest in the world in terms of its population with around 8.3 million people living here.

Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty & More in New York!

New York has several nicknames – the Big Apple is a popular one, though probably the best is The City That Never Sleeps! New York is called this because there’s always something going on here, night and day, plus New York’s subway system is one of the only transport systems in the world which runs 24 hours a day, so you’ll never get stuck anywhere if you’re out enjoying yourself one night!

There are countless amazing sights to see here, from the popular Empire State Building to the lavish Rockefeller Center, and from the huge open space of Central Park to the amazing old apartment buildings which look over it. Iconic structures like the Statue of Liberty are fantastic and there are many great museums like the Guggenheim. Language travel students will love it here!

New York, As Safe As Any Other City to Study Abroad In!

New York used to have a reputation as being a dangerous city with lots of crime and not the ideal place for an English language school! But that’s all changed now and New York is far safer than it used to be; in fact it’s just as safe as any other city you might choose for your English course in the US.

Many Different Cultures in New York

New York was settled first by the Dutch and then the British and there are many descendants from these two countries, but since the early colony days, hundreds of other nationalities have been attracted here making this a very multi-national city. Whilst English is the major language here there are said to be nearly 170 different languages spoken in New York, so language travel students from around the world will probably feel at home here!

Cuisines of the World in New York

Because there are so many immigrants in New York you can pretty much find any sort of cuisine here too. If you come and study in an English school in New York you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something you like. Choose from Italian, Greek, Moroccan, Japanese, Chinese and European to name just a few!




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