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Study Abroad in Scotland for an English Immersion
Language travel students who want to study abroad amidst beautiful scenery, historical and lively cities, and amongst friendly people, should seriously consider Scotland as a study abroad destination!

Study Abroad in Beautiful Scotland!

Students who want to study English abroad have many different great destinations to choose from, each with their own advantages. Scotland is just one of those choices and is growing in popularity with language travel students because there’s so much on offer in this beautiful country.

Where is Scotland?

Scotland is a nation within the United Kingdom, and is situated at the northern end of the British Isles, to the north of England. Off the east coast is the North Sea, and to the north and west is the Atlantic Ocean. The population of Scotland is around 5.2 million people, many of whom live within the larger cities, which means there are large areas of Scotland with nothing but beautiful scenery!

Scotland is the Land of Lochs, Historic Cities, Mountains and Forests

Scotland is becoming so popular for foreign language courses because it offers language travel students so much diversity. From the big cities to the remote mountains and forests, the possibilities for finding attractions to keep you occupied while attending your foreign language school are endless! Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and the most popular destination in the country. You’ll find great historical places to visit here such as the Castle and Holyrood Palace, plus there’s always an event or festival going on!

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and has really gained in popularity over the last few years, while other popular cities include Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness and Stirling. Scotland has so much beautiful scenery – hundreds of lochs, including the famous Loch Ness, large areas of forest, and mountains too, including the tallest one in the UK, Ben Nevis.

Study Abroad in Scotland for a Cultural Feast!

The Scots are proud of their culture and there’s always been a bit of fun rivalry between England and Scotland! English is the de facto language, spoken by nearly everyone but there are some recognised regional languages too which are spoken by very few people. As with the rest of the UK the currency you’ll use while studying abroad in Scotland is Pound Sterling, and you’ll probably come across Scottish notes and coins which are accepted all across the UK too.

Scotland is Famous for Bagpipes and Kilts!

For many language travel students the archetypal image of Scotland is bagpipes and kilts! While these are still worn for important functions, don’t expect to see men wearing kilts walking around the city streets! But do try to spend some time listening to a bagpipe player or go along to a traditional Scottish dance as these are great fun!

Interesting Scottish Cuisine!

Scotland is known for its somewhat strange cuisine! The deep-fried Mars bar was invented here. Haggis and black pudding are famous too. A lot of the Scottish cuisine is quite high in fat, but don’t let this put you off a study abroad program because there are still plenty of healthy and more normal things to eat here too!


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