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Noosa – Study abroad in Australia and learn English
Want to enjoy great surfing while you study abroad in Australia? Noosa may be your perfect language travel destination, offering great surfing, diving, hiking, and shopping, this is a really great place to attend a foreign language school!

Study Abroad in Noosa, on Australia’s Sunshine Coast

Anyone who’s interested in surfing will know Australia’s Sunshine Coast, and you too can get to know it if you choose to study abroad in Noosa! This great little city has more to offer than just surfing though, and makes for a real fun destination and great alternative to some of Australia’s larger cities.

Where is Noosa?

Noosa is a coastal city in Queensland in the east of Australia, situated on an area of coastline known as the Sunshine Coast. It’s about 80 something miles (135km) north of Brisbane, the region’s largest city. Best known for its beaches and surfing, Noosa is made up of a number of suburbs, each with something a little different to offer.

Noosa is Ideal for Outdoor Enthusiasts!

Noosa makes a great study abroad destination if you enjoy outdoor life. Yes, the surfing is great here, but it’s not just the surf that language travel students come to enjoy. How about trying some kite surfing for something a little different, or enjoy a day on the waves in a sailing boat? Scuba diving and fishing are popular pursuits too. On dry land Noosa also has attractions for those days when you’re not studying at your foreign language school – Noosa National Park is one such place where you can enjoy the beaches, walking and hiking, and make sure you look out for the resident koala populations!

Study Abroad in Noosa and Enjoy a Vibrant Life!

Noosa may not be a large city, but it’s always packed with tourists from Australia and the rest of the world, plus it’s quickly becoming a great alternative for language travel to some of the larger cities in Australia. Smaller city living means there are plenty of friendly people to meet when you attend a foreign language school in Noosa, and the cost of living is less than places like Sydney so you can afford to have a really good time here!

A Fun Social Life in Noosa!

Study abroad in Noosa is so much fun due to the fantastic relaxed lifestyle. This is a very cosmopolitan city and a great place to sit back and relax, or have fun at the many restaurants and bars. Shopping is also a popular pastime in Noosa as there are many excellent shops here, so grab your new found language travel friends and hit the streets!

Year Round Great Weather in Noosa!

With so many beaches and great surfing to be found when you study abroad in Noosa you’ll be pleased to know that the weather stays warm all year round! Choose a foreign language school in Noosa and make the most of the Sunshine Coast’s wonderful climate!

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