Eurocentres Malta
Englischkurse in Msida, Malta
Eurocentres Malta
Englischkurse in Msida, Malta

Eurocentres Malta

Eurocentres Malta is committed to setting you on the path of successful learning, while providing the best quality service for you to grasp the English language. This means that Eurocentres Malta uses the most recent, updated teaching methodologies, materials, computer learning programmes, and audio-visual facilities. Our premises in Msida, has been furnished to create the best learning environment possible.

The school is a three-storey building that consists of very large and bright classrooms which are fitted with all the required amenities and are comfortable to learn in. In addition, our school is also equipped with the following features:
Interactive whiteboards:
Air-conditioned classrooms
Teaching facilities including audio-visual equipment
Free Wi-Fi connection in the school building
Other areas include a citrus garden and a roof terrace
All classrooms and facilities are fully accessible for people with a disability

All lessons at Eurocentres Malta are conducted by a dedicated team of professional and dynamic teachers. Our teachers are native speakers, fully qualified and specially trained to teach English as a second language. By undertaking a programme at our school you will not only have access to our innovative learning curriculum, but can also participate in our exciting activity and leisure programme that is tailored to combine education, entertainment and fun. Malta is the perfect setting for English language learning, and we can guarantee you a truly memorable experience.

Both our academic and non-academic staff are available at the school to assist you with your daily needs, as well as with any academic problems that you may have. Should you require any advice about flight tickets, visa, host families, the level of your class or even about applying for a course at the University of Malta, our team is always available for you.


We have a healthy mix of different nationalities – the majority of our students come from Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Russia.
We accept students of any age from 6 upwards.
The average number of students in a class is 8. Maximum is 12.


    The school is a three-storey building with large, bright, airy and comfortable classrooms.
    In addition:
    • Classes and facilities are fully accessible for people with special needs
    • All classrooms are air-conditioned
    • Teaching facilities include audio/visual equipment
    • Leisure facilities include a citrus garden and a roof terrace
    • Free wifi connection in the school building


    There is so much to see and do on the Maltese Islands. From our 7,000 year old temples to modern day activities like scuba diving & climbing; we can guarantee enough variety to keep you busy throughout your stay. And should you wish to cast your nets wider – the island of Sicily is only a short boat trip away.
    We also offer:
    Cruises – round Malta and to Gozo, Comino and Sicily
    Different sports activities
    Wine tasting
    Tours round Malta
    Excursions to feasts
    Foam and Boat Parties
    We offer advice and recommendations

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    Airport transfers - both ways - €40

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    • by Jung A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      good - better - skylark
      CHOOSE SKYLARK. You won't regret! It is like a big, loving family. Everything was perfect. The teachers, the staff, the lessons. I had so much fun there and i will definetly come back! :) I chose Skylark just because of my host family, they told me it is the nearest school and honestly at first i used to be a little skeptic.. because everyone know the bigger schools but i am glad that i chose SKYLARK. Its more personal and its more comfortable. All the staff knows your name and you feel like coming home! :) Skylark, keep on being PERFECT!!!! I will recommend you to everyone i know! Thank You
      Freitag, 06 September 2013
    • img
      by Gusev S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      The best time at Skylark
      I studied English at Skylark in July 2013. It was great. I have fallen love with Malta and Skylark. My teacher was Charlotte. She is the best. It's very friendly atmosfera, teachers and students at school. If I have got possibility I'll be back ones again)))).
      Dienstag, 13 August 2013
    • by Awsiukiewicz K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I studied English in Skylark only two weeks but this was enough to really make progress with it. Great place and great Skylark team! They guarantee high level of learning. I wish that some day - asap ;-) will learn English with them again.
      Mittwoch, 02 Januar 2013
    • img
      by Kiper E.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      The best time!!!
      I enjoyed it!I think that Skylrark has the best and cheerful teachers!!I was happy when I went to school because it was more interesting than in my country!I took a great expirience and i want to come back again and again!!
      Freitag, 01 Juni 2012
    • by Iatsukha S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Fantastic week!!!!
      Me and my son were Skylark students for a week. We both had a great experience, we improved our language skills. The teachers and the other students were very friendly. And the country is so amazing!!! Thanks Skylark, thanks Malta!!!
      Donnerstag, 01 März 2012
    • img
      by Longo S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      IN ENGLISH!!!!!!
      Skylark is a wonderful school.. i spent 3 fantastic weeks even thanks to Skylark's team!!! we seemed to be a family!!! the teachers were very kind with us!!! <3<3<3<3 The time flew very fast!!!!!!! I hope to see everybody again!!!!! I miss all of you!!! expecially PIAAAAA!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3 IN ENGLISHH!!! hahah... thank you for all!!!
      Montag, 10 Oktober 2011
    • by M . S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Skylark a great experience
      Skylark is a fantastic school where you improve your English in a pleasant and fun way. The staff is very friendly and the teachers are great. My teacher Catherine had a special sense to correct our English and motivate her students at the same time. In skylark you're practising you're English al the time without even realising it. I met some wonderful, interesting people from all over the world that I'll never forget. It was my second holiday in Malta but you don't get bored. You can explore the island in many different ways and there's always something to do. Skylark is the place to be to improve your English in a beautiful environment!
      Sonntag, 25 September 2011
    • by Proykova-Vladimirova A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Skylark School is a majestic place for studying English. The whole staff is cool! During our two weeks we met great people there and had a lot of fun. Now we are more confident of speaking English. It was an unforgettable experience for us, that’s why we want to thank to everybody for everything. Oh, we forget, Pia we speak in English 
      Freitag, 09 September 2011
    • by Fedorova N.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Dear everyone in Skylark! Thank you for your special attention to every person, for your patience, for your care, help and desire to solve all problems if we have it. The level of your teaching is very high. And my special thanks to my teachers, the best teachers of English I have ever get, - Kyle, Katherine and Rachel. Your lessons can’t be forgotten and it is so interesting and fascinating, that I want to come back even to study! So… I love you, I miss you, want to come back and will do it! Best regards and success to you! P.S. Everyone, come to Skylark! You’ll improve you level of English and also find a lot of frieds from all over the world! It’s amusing! And the sun is bright, the sea is warm and very blue. And you nightlife can be full of events and emotions! Malta is a paradise to rest and to study!
      Dienstag, 06 September 2011
    • by Rapovka L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Best time to improve my english!
      Actually, it's not my first expereance to learn some language in english country, but i want to say- this time (on malta) was the best. Everything was so amazing, perfectly and funny. Perfect teacher and perfect host familis. Tell the truth , i think it's not my last time on malta. I'll come back. So, Malta, Skylark- I LOVE YOU!!!! Forever and ever in my mind !<3<3<3
      Sonntag, 04 September 2011
    • img
      by Wolf A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      A fantastic time
      The teachers and the school director are very kind and the accommodation (a word I learnt in Malta ;)) was very good. I lived in a house with lots of studants, most coming from spain and I had a fantastic time with them. ... This is also due to the fact that Malta is a good place! (Great wheather, beaches, Fireworks every weekend, good nightlife).
      Montag, 29 August 2011
    • img
      by Dunko L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I love this school ... every day - holiday, lessons pleasant, SKYLARK i love you !Thanks for a wonderful time
      Freitag, 19 August 2011
    • img
      by Bukina A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I ♥♥♥ Skylark
      I've been to Skylark for three times. And every summer I plan to spend 2 wonderful weeks in Malta at Skylark and recommend this school of English to parents and their children. This summer our group consisted of 12 students. If you ask me what I think about Skylark, I can say: it's like a big family, members of which are attentive, friendly and it seems that you are not far from your home town although it is really far, far away. I enjoyed my lessons as well as other students as they combine different methods: discussions, playing games, role play, listening, writing. And the most important is that you talk! We stayed with a host family and it is a good chance to use English in your daily life as well. As they are very talkative and you can learn some Maltese traditions. Free time is well organized. So in other words I highly recommend Skylark! And wait for us next summer:)
      Mittwoch, 24 August 2011
    • by Asriashvili I.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I had a desire to improve English language skills. To do this, I went to English classes, worked at the school, watched movies in English. As a result, I assumed that English is good enough for me. But really what my level of English I learned at school SKYLARK in Malta. It turned out that my knowledge of English was very low. Before flying to Malta to school SKYLARK, I decided to go in a little English and passed the test at a language school, I was determined to level 1. Two months of persistent classes in a school in Malta SKYLARK led to such results that came back to St. Petersburg again, I passed the test at a language school and I was determined to level 5. Work out at level 5 a month, I realized that here in Russia I would have never achieved such results, both in school SKYLARK in Malta. I believe that in two months to get 4,5 IELTS (me so much and we had to score) is not my victory but the victory of teachers such as: IZABELLA and DIANA. I want to thank the entire staff of the school SKYLARK in Malta.
      Donnerstag, 18 August 2011
    • img
      by FreeLibya M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Skylark the best school to study English language even to have friends from other country , i have been there for 6 weeks and i had an amazing days with my teachers and my friends ,, thank you Skylark ,, Good luck Al Motasem Bellah From Libya
      Mittwoch, 17 August 2011
    • by Dubrovskaya E.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Hello,Skylark school!!! This summer we really spent two wonderful weekes in Malta.It is great that You give people an opportunity not only to learn English, but to become friends and their friendship continues and developes.The kindness and tolerance of the teachers of Skylark School, your wish make everything comfortable made our staying in Malta unforgettable.Thank you very much. Best wishes to everybody in Skylark school. Students from Russia, Moscow, Odintsovo, School named after A.S.Popov: Olga, Ekaterina,Sasha,Victoria,Dmitriy,Irina,Sasha. P.S. I hope that we will realise all our planes in future. I have told my headmistress that you agree to continue our cooperation and make it more fruitful. But i will be possible in 2012 year.(in a new finantial year) Best regards Dubrovskaya Olga
      Samstag, 06 August 2011
    • by Gomez K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Skylark was a good school to learn English and to know people from different cultures and countries. I enjoyed learning English with some teachers. Everything was well despite the fact that sometimes during my apprenticeship lessons were repeated, which was not good for me, however I got an intermediate English level still not fluent but I can have a communication in this language thanks to Skylark School of English. Katherine from Colombia!!!
      Montag, 25 Juli 2011
    • by marquez C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Hello!!! I´m Carmen from Seville!!! I was studying in Skylark last summer for 6 weeks and the experience was very good. The teacher and staff are kind and good proffessionals. I wish i could go there again!!! =)
      Montag, 25 Juli 2011
    • img
      by Garcia C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I want to thank you Skylark for all your attentions and patience. My life really changed since I started studying English there. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn English in a friendly enviroment. Cinthya from Mexico.
      Sonntag, 24 Juli 2011
    • img
      by Schlichting D.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      The four weeks I spent at Skylark were the best combination of language school and holidays I could have thought of! Brilliant!
      Sonntag, 26 Juni 2011
    • img
      by Azuz A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I had five weeks I guess at this school and they were just fantastic with different nationalities. French, Spanish and Russians.
      Donnerstag, 23 Juni 2011
    • by Roggenmoser G.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great School!
      Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2011
    • img
      by Struck M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I really liked it to be at Skylark but I was in the highest class and it was very easy for me. And of course I learn more things but not it was more repitition than new things. But I really liked it anyway.
      Mittwoch, 22 Juni 2011

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